Los Angeles Empowerment PhotographyYour Online Credibility: Professional Business Headshots, are they for me?

Your online credibility is not only the testimonials, referrals, and credentials you have, it is how you look. Having a Professional business headshot photographer will not only make you look the part but provide you with more customers and confidence in your business. “The Average Internet User Has 5 Social Media Accounts”, This means when someone searches your name or company those accounts will pull up in a Google search, along with their images. Especially if you have a LinkedIn account, that will be one of the first profiles and images your potential customer sees. If your customer is hiring you for a service that is costly, they will most likely research you and if they don’t like what they see this could mean a potential loss. Think about Amazon would you buy a product if the images were of bad quality and the reviews were negative?

People Judge a Book by It’s Cover

Unfortunately people do judge by your appearance, if you play and look the part, you will be the part. It is a defense mechanism our subliminal mind is constantly painting pictures of people we might meet.

In our perception of people, and their perceptions of us, the hidden, subliminal mind takes limited data, and creates a picture that seems clear and real, but is actually built largely on unconscious inferences that are made employing factors such as a person’s body language, voice, clothing, appearance, and social category. “

If someone has never met you or bought your products, they will most likely start searching on Google, because of the internet everyone has the capability of searching someone before their first impression. We want the first impression to be the best one. Your website, professional business headshot, and online content are the first impressions they would make of you. Having a professional business headshot photographer will create a online credibility with beautifully produced images.  

Los Angeles Personal Branding PhotographerReviews to Be Noticed

You need a solid credibility when you have your own business. Having reviews and testimonials that boast how great you or your product are will be the fastest way to gaining your customer’s trust. People want to buy from reputable sources that the crowd trusts, you need social credibility.

“87 percent of small businesses do not ask their customers to post reviews. It seems obvious, but asking customers who use your services to leave you a review is important not only for the reviews itself but also for the SEO value of a verified listing with positive reviews.”

Start asking for reviews after every purchase, if you are not converting reviews offer an incentive to gain reviews.

Read this article if you need to brainstorm ways to get more reviews or testimonials.

Overall Online Image

Your website is  important when you are establishing a business. It is the ideal representation of yourself, your services, products, and who you want to target. Having good photography, a site that is visually appealing and easy to navigate, will guide customers to make the right choice. Social media is the new way to market in the 21st century. Your image and content across all social media channels will not only attract customers, but be your ultimate marketing. Your social media has to align with your brand completely, with curated images, stories, and congruitity that represents your brand across all fields of the internet.  Learn how to use photography to brand your company here. 

If you are ready to produce an image that shows your best self and conveys your authentic brand.

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