Women Who Do Too Much

Working in the Brio Five office makes me realize how Sandy does too much, how many of the women she works with are doing too much. Women are constantly doing, going and not stopping. It’s admirable to see but it’s also very stressful. After seeing this pattern of women’s daily patterns I decided to do some research to see how much women are actually doing and what they can do to get relief.

Long nights, early mornings, and just a completely booked out calendar can seem like utter exhaustion. To most of these women, they see it as a natural cycle. There are so many women wearing multiple hats, caring for their families, running a business, while trying to uphold mass media beauty and fitness standards. Not only is this type of life overwhelming but it develops an acute and chronic stress.

Psychology Today touches on this “Acute stress that comes in the form of physical and mental symptoms, like fatigue, irritability, anxiety and tension, depression, headaches, shortness of breath, insomnia, disorganization and short-term memory problems. If it is a skill-deficit that makes your daily responsibilities hard to handle, then the mental and behavioral stress-management recommendations mentioned above will do much to alleviate the symptoms you feel.”

The subject of women who do too much is everywhere on Google searches because it is so common. Most women are overworked and want to find a way to combat their daily workload. With technology, life was supposed to get easier but it is not. We are constantly checking emails and our phones, which gives us something to do with a touch of a button. Most women want to do better and be better because of the gender pay gap as well. We make less and work more most of the time. It’s a constant struggle and women need a break.

It is time to take charge and organize your life, stop putting too many eggs in your basket. Take up something that makes you de-stress and relax twice a week. Such as yoga, dancing, spa days, or reading (an amazing read is “Meditations for Women Who Do Too Much”). Have your family do some chores and help you out for a change. Women need to realize they are already amazing and don’t have to do more to get there. It’s time to keep your schedule filled to the point where you do have days off. I know this may feel impossible but it’s time to ask for help. Time to think about what will make you feel better for a change, ask the questions why am I so busy and what can I do to help myself? We help women who do too much here at Brio Five if you need help with anything reach out to us.

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