Project Description

Jan had never truly loved any photo of herself, even ones taken by professionals for magazine covers, articles, and other press. She wanted to rebrand herself with fresh new images to disrupt the plethora of bad photographs of her found online. She put her faith in Brio Five and was so thrilled with the end result that she hired Brio Five a second time to photograph her three sons. We are excited to share her photos and have her as a part of our tribe!

As I begin, I must honestly say that though I have been photographed many times before: privately, for press, PR and publication purposes. I have NEVER truly liked my photos. I have never felt the photographer really captured me. Well, now someone has – Sandy Grigsby.

When I saw my photos I was beyond shocked and pleased. I saw “me” for the first time. Yes, she does know the intricacies, technical nature, the science and nuances of professional photography to understand the process (which I don’t!) but more importantly, she knows how to capture the best of her client’s special and unique personalities. She knows the niche of the industry she loves, and she is nothing short of a genius in this area.

I had the very best time working with Sandy. We laughed, we joked, we smiled… it never felt like hours of photography; which it was. She knew just where she wanted my eyes, my chin, my arms to be and made my expression just right with every frame.

She was beyond attentive to detail by adding a small necklace, a tiny handbag, switching the location to match the mood she was trying to create and the setting fit the outfit just right too. She even waited for the wind so it would blow my hair just so.

She was uplifting, encouraging, positive, upbeat… her assistant and the beauty/hair and makeup artist were both beyond talented and professional as well. What a tremendous operation.

The feedback I have had from those I have shared my photographs with has been so incredibly positive. They are beyond shocked and impressed. Even my three sons, who are in their 20’s, were incredibly proud of their momma’s photos; and no, they don’t describe me as “hot” very often, I will add… trust me, they are my most PROTECTIVE critics!

I feel lucky to have met Sandy. Would I recommend her to others? A resounding “yes” and needless to say, I already have and will continue to do so.

All in all, I not only got gorgeous new photos, had the best day shooting but most importantly, I made a new friend and my bet is, everyone who walks away from spending any time with Sandy, says the same thing.

Very grateful,

– Jan Moorad

Jan Moorad
Jan Moorad