Project Description

When Joani came to Brio Five she was frustrated with her business, eager to make a dramatic change to get her business moving. Joani had an honest conversation with Sandy Grigsby about where she was at in her life. After a few empowerment coaching sessions with Sandy, Joani realized that her frustrations had more to do with her personal life than her business.

Sandy pointed out that she focused 100% of her time and energy on everyone and everything else, and encouraged her to do something for the first time in over 20 years – take time for herself! After some deliberation, Joani decided to go to the gym three days a week as part of her ‘Me Time’. In less than three months, going three hours per week, she lost over 16 pounds and she even built a stronger relationship with her 12-year-old son who began working out with her. With this new commitment she noticed her workflow improved, she became more organized, had more energy and found a self-love she hadn’t felt in a long time. That’s when Joani decided to cut off her long, natural strawberry blonde hair and donate it to Locks of Love just before her photo session with Sandy.

Although she feared being in front of the camera, Joani pushed through and demonstrated the true courage, beauty and feminine power she held inside for so many years. Life changing and beyond powerful, Joani now has a new outlook on life, business, and unity of her entire family. We are so proud to share our amazing experience with Joani, click the link to watch her photo session and interview.

Los Angeles Empowerment Photographer
Los Angeles Empowerment Photography