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As a company that specializes in branding we see a lot of brands of our competitors (of course) slip from their foundation. This is how to not let your brand look unprofessional. If you are just starting or have had your own brand for years, it’s easy to let your brand look unprofessional. When your brand looks professional and your message is conveyed then you can easily gain the trust of your ideal clients! Read on to learn how to stand out from your competition and look the best in your industry.

Professional Photos

I had to start with what we know so well and that is photography! We see so many personal brands and professional photos of business owners look so pixelated and/or poorly lit. If you look on Forbes section of the top grossing billionaires, most of them do not have good photos. When you see one with a professional photo you click to learn more! Because they look the part, if you want to look professional you need professional photos. It’s simple yet we see so many business owners look unprofessional in their photos or the photographer did a bad job supplying them with professional photos.

You photos can make or break you. Even having bad photos on your website can make your business look unprofessional! People are visual creatures especially when it comes to deciding if they are going to spend money. Think about it, you have probably not bought a product because it was displayed incorrectly or the images didn’t represent the quality of the product. Always keep in mind your target audience and what you want to portray with your product or images.
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If you want a good brand image then consistency is key. To make a brand last and keep your customers coming back you need to lay the payment for what your brand will say. The colors, fonts, pictures, styles, and words you say must all relate. Take for instance Apple if you see an ad that has no Apple logo you can directly relate it to them without even seeing their logo! They’ve created a consistent brand that people relate to. They won’t ever change that because it’s who they are.

Taking Time

Don’t rush or do it yourself because it will show. Think before you do anything, I know this sounds redundant but it’s true. Especially if you are branding your personal brand. Most likely you are doing all the work. If you don’t take time, and strategize before you make changes on your social media or website. You can look unprofessional! Deadlines are great, but don’t spread yourself too thin. When this happens, the world can tell. They’ll see you didn’t put the time or effort. We see all the time Instagram accounts that post the same quotes over and over, and it’s just looks lazy. You don’t want to look lazy. Put time and effort into everything you do, and it will be paid back graciously. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and the same goes with amazing brands!

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