How to Dress Well and For Success

How To Dress Well And For Success

Do you ever feel like you don’t have enough time or any clue on how to dress for an interview? A lot of people do, this post will tell you how to dress well and for success. Knowing what to go to in your closet or shop for puts you at ease. When you are preparing to speak in front of thousands or for your first interview ever, knowing what to wear can impact the whole event or process.

Dress For The Job You Want

People say never judge a book by it’s cover, but people do especially when they don’t know you. It’s a survival tactic, and especially if they are screening hundreds of candidates it’s good to have your A game ready. There is this insane article on Forbes called “You Are Judged by Your Appearance”. So start by evaluating the situation you are going to need an outfit for. Lets use an interview at a Law Firm as an example. For this you would want to go with professional and classic. Find some grey or black well fitting dress pants or a mid length pencil skirt and pair it with a neutral colored blouse, no crazy patterns.  A classic Jackie O type dress with or without a blazer is always a sophisticated and feminine choice. Either of these outfits would pair well with light jewelry such as simple studs and dainty necklace with a pair of neutral colored comfortable 2-3” heels or flats.

You Do Not Want To Overdress

Overdressing qualifies as wearing too many layers, looking like you’re going to a ball, or just looking out of place. The only time you should wear busy clothing or leather pants and a fur coat is if you are applying for a job in the Fashion industry and even then you want your clothes to be sophisticated and stylish (because HR usually does the recruitment). Don’t be afraid to show your fashion sense and show that your style will mesh well and embody the company. So do your research if you are applying for a fashion or design company. Skinny jeans and a silk blouse with some killer heels or boots would be my go to. Look for clothing guides Style Caster has some awesome ones. 

How to Dress well and for successDressing Well And For Success Is Easy

You need to define your style. Something that makes you feel strong, confident, comfy and sophisticated. You want to be that women you see on the street and you say “I love her style, she looks like she knows what she is doing”. Having confidence is the first key. Find colors that suit you and bring out a characteristic whether it be blue for your hair or olive for your eyes. Hillary Rushford has an awesome style blog if you need inspo.

Dress for Success

We are currently partnered with Dress for Success. A non profit organization devoted to getting women jobs, coaching them and dressing them for the jobs. We love what they do and so we decided to help.  Sandy photographs the women that go through their program for professional portraits, so they can use the photos on linked in and just feel empowered with. If you need any help with coaching for jobs or wardrobes for interviews we highly recommend seeing your dress for success location, they also have awesome brand name clothes for deals at their stores.

If you are ready to produce a image that shows your best self and conveys your authentic brand.

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