How to craft your personal brand photographyWhy reputation matters the most?

These days, people will look you or your personal brand up on Facebook or Google immediately upon meeting you. They will see your photos everywhere, this is why your photography is so important. Social media, although a distraction, has made it substantially easier for people to track you down and find out what they’re looking for. And you have a huge advantage here—you can actually CONTROL the image that you present to the world. Essentially, you have full discretion over how your personal brand communicates to the people who are just discovering you.

Ultimately, your personal brand comes down to your reputation, which is what you’re know for and who you’re known as. What do you actually do and what do you mean to people?

Your Personal Brand in Everyday Life

This isn’t really hard to figure out considering that we see brands all the time—as people, and as companies. There are products we associate with Apple, and if anyone says anything negative about them, some come to the defense of the iPhone or iPad immediately, based on their experience with these products. Similarly, if someone were to say something about you, how are people going to defend you and what can they say about you? How can you defend your reputation and what value do you create? What do people associate you with? Are you fun? Are you informative? Are you approachable? These are some questions you can use to navigate yourself at any point during the construction or revamping of your personal brand.


It’s important to put a lot of effort into being authentic, into developing your personal brand, and into safeguarding and enhancing your reputation. Being unfiltered and human is one way to be authentic. Whether you want it or not, you have a reputation. You can take advantage of this, and craft the narrative, or you can sit back and let people dictate your reputation and future for you.

Who will be the consumer of your brand? Future employers? Think about what makes you unique from your competitors. What is their reputation? How can they improve? Use their branding techniques to jump-start and boost your own brand. Everyone has something unique to bring to the table. How can you, your product, or your service make the world a better place?

Your Personal Brand Photography is Your Image

Remember, you can destroy your reputation faster than you can create it. It could take months or years to build a stable, recognizable brand, but maintenance and relationship-building is key. Are you on Yelp? Make sure that your customers and clients are experiencing consistent services. Are you on Pinterest? Don’t post irrelevant pictures that your audience may find offensive.

On a more personal level, what does your headshot/ profile picture say about you? There is so much in a smile or a gesture. A scowl can easily repel someone, for example. Keep it classy but be sassy. Find a photographer and stylist who knows how to direct you. The world is seeing your Facebook page, your LinkedIn page, your Twitter page, and your other social media accounts. Avoid being too serious or overly-silly, because that can send the wrong message to prospective employers, collaborators, or customers. Read more on how to prepare for a portrait photo session here.

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