Ageless Beauty: Sandy Grigsby

Ageless Beauty: Sandy Grigsby

Ageless Beauty: Regardless of any Women’s Age

Unfortunately, we have not yet found the fountain of youth, but here are some easy tips for ageless beauty. Being part of an empowerment photography company that specializes in real women of all ages and not models, lets us learn some awesome tips along the way. Sandy Grigsby the owner of Brio Five is ageless as well and she keeps us all up to date with all her beauty tips.

First and most important tip, is staying out of the sun. Sun damage is the quickest way to age and not gracefully. “A study published by the American Society for Photobiology found that Americans acquire only 23 percent of their sun damage by age 18 and get about 10 percent more every decade after that.”

I used to be a frequent tanner using tanning oil whenever it was near. Working at Brio Five changed that, I now wear a hat every time I am in direct sunlight now. I also use a broad spectrum sunscreen with SPF 40 that contains zinc. Sunscreens with zinc reflect light as opposed to chemical sunscreens that can just absorb light. If you can’t survive without a tan like me, find some great substitutes for sun-kissed skin. All year I use a firming gradual tan moisturizer for my body, tanning moisturizer for my face, and a bronzer in the summer. With this, you can look sun-kissed all year long and resist sun damage for the long run.

Ageless Beauty: Jan Moorad

Ageless Beauty: Jan Moorad

Life and The Style you Live

You have probably heard this one before but water, eight hours of sleep, a healthy lifestyle, and diet really do help.  Before a photography shoot, we tell our clients to drink more than half their body weight in ounces of water every day for the week of the shoot, so their skin looks plump and hydrated. We also tell them to avoid salt and alcohol because it can make them puffy and their skin dull. This does not mean having a strict crazy diet but just watching what you eat more and including healthy veggies and fruits more often

Exercising regularly and sweating out the toxins from the day can really benefit your skin. Audrey Kunin, a Dermatologist says “Working up a good sweat is the equivalent of getting a mini-facial, she says. When the pores dilate, sweat expels trapped dirt and oil. Just be sure to wash your face afterward so the gunk doesn’t get sucked back into the pores.” Hot yoga once a week can really not only help your pores but destress and stretch your whole body out. Writing this is making me want to go to a class ASAP.

Treatments and Care for Life

Everyone’s skin is different but thankfully this year there are so many different treatments to prevent and reverse some aging. Retinol, lipids, antioxidants, AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), glycolic acids, peptides, there is just so much on the market now. For this part, I would recommend talking to your dermatologist to find which one works best for you. When you are getting a facial ask your skin care expert what are the best products to benefit your skin and skin goals. A tailored skin care regime is definitely an addition to keeping your beauty ageless. Treat your skin like it’s the only skin you will ever have and pamper it. Indulge in face masks, creams, serums, and a spa day every here and there. If you can;t afford the day spa do one at home there are now so many DIYS for face masks and mini at-home spa days. This will not only improve your skin but will keep you de-stressed. We are not opposed to syringes of fillers, but make sure you choose the right doctor that will maintain your skin for life. Just remember you are gorgeous at any age you are, wrinkles and all. Here we practice inner beauty being the most important part of being beautiful because it really shows on the outside.

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